Anna Nicotera

Anna Nicotera

Senior Researcher

Anna is driven to give all students access to high quality educational opportunities. Her research focuses on the impact of policies, programs, and governance structures on student-level outcomes. She has substantial charter school and school choice expertise and is currently leading the evaluation of two U.S. Department of Education Charter Schools Program projects designed to improve charter school authorizing.

Prior to joining Basis, Anna worked at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools where she developed the Public Charter School Dashboard. She was also an advisor to the U.S. Department of Education’s Evaluation of the Charter Schools Program and the redesign of the Schools and Staffing Survey. She served on the board of a public charter school in Denver that enrolled a high percentage of English Language Learners from 2009-2017.

Anna’s bucket list includes residing in a Spanish-speaking country with her three daughters who attend a Spanish immersion charter school.  In the meantime, she enjoys hiking the national parks, bringing extended family together for meals, sampling Colorado’s breweries, and reading with her college alumni book club.

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