By helping partners use data in creative ways, we leave our footprint on the missions we serve. Policy research is as much about people as it is about data, and we care about the connections we make and the lives we impact. What we do and how we do it makes a difference.



We improve lives by helping our partners achieve their missions.

Serve 100+ missions
Inform 1,000+ decisions
Improve 1,000,000+ lives


Our values balance the precise nature of research with the human side of service:

Service Orientation



Actionable Evidence

Clear Communication



Complex Methods
Simple Communication
Independent Research
Empathetic Engagement
Objective Lens
Passionate Perspectives
Standardized Processes
Original Solutions
Globally Oriented
Locally Embedded
Data Informed
Mission Driven
Talented Professionals
Authentic People

Advancing policy through research.

How can we help?

We are an independent research firm specializing in policy research & program evaluation, delivering reliable data to inform policy & guide decision-making.